How To Get Your Alabama HVAC License – 2021 Guide

| Last Updated: October 20, 2021
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If you have always dreamed of becoming an HVAC technician or want to start your heating ventilation and air conditioning business, you will need to be certified.

Having your HVAC license allows you to work in the industry without any hindrances. Moreover, the HVAC industry pays well and is ever-growing, so you might want to get a license and build a career in HVAC even if you have not thought about this before.

This article will help you understand how exactly you are supposed to get your HVAC license in Alabama. Let's get started!

How to Become an HVAC Technician in Alabama

To become an HVAC technician in Alabama, you must be 18 years or above in age. Other things to remember to become an HVAC technician in Alabama are:

  • You must enroll in an HVAC school and complete your education, given that you have the amount required to pay for it. 

  • Simply obtaining a graduate degree is not enough; you must also have a driving license or similar ID and a social security number for the application process.

  • You will also need an EPA 608 certificate if you are going to deal in refrigerants. You will also need to have experience and complete an apprenticeship before you can apply for the HVAC technician post.

  • A small fee will be required with the application, so make sure you have this ready, too. Once approved, you become a licensed HVAC technician that can start working immediately.

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Search HVACR Certified Technician Programs

Get information on HVACR Certified Technician programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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What Makes Alabama a Great Place to Start an HVAC Career?

Let’s look at some factors that make Alabama a good place to start your HVAC career:

Good Salary

The HVAC industry in Alabama is fruitful and blossoming all on its own. There is a great demand for HVAC technicians, and people are constantly looking for newer technologies that can help conserve energy and improve sustainability.

There are, therefore, tons of job opportunities in the ever-growing HVAC industry, and the median salary is also quite high. Similarly, Alabama, too, is one of the best places to start your HVAC career.

Excellent Education

Other factors, too, come into play when you think about a job or business related to HVAC in Alabama. This includes excellent schools and education. Good education and qualifications help you enter the competitive HVAC market and earn a substantial amount. These earnings keep on increasing over time.

Superior Demand

Alabama has everything in one place for anyone wanting to pursue an HVAC career. A variety of seasons calls for both heating and air conditioning systems. Moreover, the ever-growing industry requires more workforce and is, therefore, able to pay technicians well. 

Good-quality education and an affordable fee range also make obtaining a graduate degree in HVAC in Alabama even easier. Thus, Alabama is one of the best places to start a career as an HVAC technician.

Job Outlook and Salary For HVAC Techs in Alabama

Once you decide to become a certified technician in Alabama, you will want to know what you will be paid. Not all technicians are paid the same. This is because they are paid according to their expertise level, and the years they have already put into the industry. Let us look at what each level is paid:


You can get paid whilst completing your apprenticeship, too. You can earn anything between $11 to $20.6 per hour whilst working as an apprentice.


A beginner level technician or someone who has just entered the HVAC industry typically gets paid around $12.6 per hour. This means that they can earn around an average of $20,150 each year.


Technicians that have been part of the industry for five to nine years are considered mid-level HVAC technicians. They earn about $41,000 each year, which is nearly double what beginners earn.


Once you put in ten to 20 years into the industry and get promoted to expert level, your pay goes up significantly. Expert level technicians earn a whopping $60,760 each year.

Given the growing HVAC industry, these salaries are expected to increase. Research indicates that there is a chance of salary increment by about 13% to 15% by 2028!

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Insurance and Tax Information For HVAC Techs in Alabama

An HVAC technician requires no license or insurance, but if you are to become an HVAC contractor, then the two things become essential. 

As an HVAC contractor, you will need to get your business insured so that you will not have to worry about any damages or mishaps that may occur. You will not have to bear financial responsibility for any accidents that may occur, and clients will not be able to file a lawsuit against you.

Once you decide that you require insurance, you will need to identify which type covers your business correctly. You will most definitely require insurance for errors, omissions, commercial property, general liability, and worker’s compensations.

Your insurance package will also depend on how huge your business is, how many workers you have, and the business's location. 

Alabama Cities With Highest Average HVAC Salaries

Some cities in Alabama pay HVAC technicians higher than others, although the state average is higher than that of other states. The top-paying cities include:


Decatur is the top city in Alabama, paying the highest salaries to HVAC technicians. A technician working in this city typically earns around $51,050 each year. The minimum yearly salary is $31,350, whilst the highest paid technicians can earn a whopping $74,610 annually.

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Tuscaloosa is the second city in Alabama that pays an excellent wage to HVAC technicians. The salaries range from $32,130 to $61,260 annually based on experience.

Northeast Alabama, Non-Metropolitan Area

The northeast of Alabama, particularly the non-metropolitan area, makes its place as the third top city in the list that pays HVAC technicians well. Entry-level technicians are paid $28,310 annually, mid-level technicians are paid about $44,610, and expert-level make around $68,850 every year.


The annual salary in Montgomery ranges from $22,300 to $62,370 from beginner to expert levels.


Beginners get paid $27,180, mid-level technicians earn about $42,640, and expert technicians accumulate around $63,230 each year in Mobile.


Becoming an HVAC technician and pursuing an HVAC career in Alabama ensures great success. You can get easily certified and complete your apprenticeship, which might also be paid. It is also a great place to start up an HVAC business.

Furthermore, the flourishing market and excellent salaries are reasons you cannot ignore when you set eyes upon Alabama's HVAC industry. Lastly, there is not one but a couple of cities that offer HVAC careers and market competitive salaries in Alabama. You can reap excellent benefits in the long run, and there are tons of job opportunities always available.

People Also Ask

This section has been put together to ensure you leave fully informed after reading this article. Let’s look at some of the most common questions people ask once they decide to pursue an HVAC career:

How Much Does it Cost For HVAC School in Alabama?

The cost of an HVAC school depends on the duration of the program. The duration varies if you choose to get a diploma, certificate, or degree. Diplomas can be completed within a month or a few months whilst degrees take up to three to five years. An associate program is going to take you two years to complete.

The duration of the program determines the amount you will have to pay for your studies. You will have to pay around $4000 to $10,000 to complete your studies. This amount does not include the costs of stationery, notes, conveyance, or admission fees.

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What is the Demand For HVAC Technicians in Alabama?

The demand for HVAC technicians in Alabama is quite high. Due to the state experiencing nearly all seasons, there is a huge HVAC industry. HVAC systems are required in homes, offices, and even public places.

The state promises excellent salaries and has a huge demand for HVAC workers. The industry is ever-growing here, which ensures even more job opportunities with even better-paying wages.

When Can I Retake My Alabama HVAC Exam if I Fail?

You are allowed to take retests if you fail your HVAC exam. As long as you are well prepared and can afford the examination fee, you are all set. However, it is a good idea to prepare yourself properly before giving a retest, as too many retakes will prevent you from landing on a job anytime soon.

Nearby HVAC Schools

Here are some HVAC schools in nearby states:


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