How To Get Your HVAC Certification Online – 2021 Walkthrough

| Last Updated: October 20, 2021
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As the world rushes into the digital age, more and more tasks that required you to be physically present at a certain place can now be done remotely. HVAC certification happens to be one of them. 

Is it really possible to get certified online and begin an HVAC career without setting foot inside a school? The answer is yes. Let's take a look at what it takes to get this certification online. 

Can You Really Get An HVAC Certification Online?

As the world rushes into the digital age, more and more tasks that required you to be physically present at a certain place can now be done remotely. HVAC certification happens to be one of them. 

A certification usually refers to a document that proves that an individual has completed a course, much like a degree or a diploma. You can take up many courses online from start to finish that will not only add value to your resume but are also state requirements for the license. Furthermore, many online courses are accredited by the DETC (Distance Education and Training Council). 

However, there are some limitations that we think are important to highlight. While you may be able to complete the course work online, these cannot be a replacement for an on-site experience that is a requirement for many state licenses. 

Moreover, the examination for the license is usually held at a test site, and taking it online is not an option. Therefore, while you can add valuable courses and gain useful knowledge online, the practical part still holds its place.

How to Get HVAC Certified Online

There is no one definite pathway for applying for an HVAC certificate because there is no one certificate. Different certifications specialize in different skills and topics. A general rule of thumb would be to:

  • Check what the state requirements for licensing are and then take courses accordingly. 

  • Then register for the course and get yourself enrolled. 

  • However, apart from the required courses, you can also take supplementary courses that will give you a lot of knowledge and add value to your resume. 

  • These just need to be in areas that you plan to specialize in or are interested in working in. 

How to Get HVAC License Online

While you might be able to complete some parts of the journey online, you cannot obtain an HVAC license by doing online work only. Most states require you to show practical experience and technical know-how. Moreover, you would usually be required to clear a test as well. Hence, you can complete the theoretical part at home, but you would have to be physically present on the site for the test and experience.  

What Are The Benefits of Getting Your HVAC Certification Online?

If you are reading this, then you are considering the possibility of opting for online HVAC certification, and a good reason. This can be extremely helpful and has been the answer for many people. Here we will highlight some top benefits of getting your HVAC certification online:


If you are someone who has a tight schedule, then this would be particularly beneficial for you. However, even if that is not the case, you would still be able to gain valuable knowledge and education from the comfort of your home and at your own pace. This will ensure better performance as your mind would be more stress-free, and you can focus better.

Practical Experience

Many people are hesitant when it comes to online learning. They think they would be missing out on the hands-on experience that is not only essential for your job but is also a license requirement. However, many online courses have hours reserved for an apprenticeship, allowing you to gain the practical experience you require. This is why the DETC recognizes many courses.

Value for Money

Online courses do not cost as much as on-campus courses because you don’t have to pay for the cost that a school charges to accommodate you. Moreover, you are given access to study guides, resources, books, and even instructors that you might not have been able to get otherwise. Therefore, it is not only cheaper but in some cases a lot better as well.

Job Outlook and Salary For HVAC

The HVAC industry has been on the rise for quite some time now, and experts have only predicted the graph to go up.

Therefore, a career as an HVAC tech is becoming more and more rewarding, which is why more people are coming towards it. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has estimated a growth rate of 15% of HVAC jobs through 2026. 

There is a steady demand for this profession as no matter the circumstances, people need heating, cooling, refrigerating, and ventilating systems on their properties. Therefore, conceiving a situation where this industry takes a hit is hard. 

Moreover, this is not a seasonal job, which means that you can expect to find work all around the year and have a steady and stable earning. 

Lastly, HVAC equipment is usually quite costly. Hence, people are often not comfortable taking the risk of handling it themselves and bearing irreparable damage. This is another reason why the demand is so steady, and there is no saturation in the market. In the United States, an HVAC tech’s average salary amounts up to $40,396 per year.

Entry Level: A beginner or an entry-level job would pay $35,322 a year on an average of $16.98 per hour.  

Mid-Level: An intermediate-level HVAC tech with five to nine years of experience will earn an average of $21.97 per hour. 

Master-Level: A master-level HVAC tech job pays $58,693 per year on an average of approximately $28.22 an hour.

Online HVAC Certification Test Preparation

Since the course is online, all the material for it can be found online, and it will be easily accessible to you. You will have the liberty to study when you have the time and at your own pace. 

Moreover, study guides, flashcards, videos, tutorials, and practice tests can be found online as well. You can go through them, and you should be adequately prepared if you do it systematically and give it proper time and effort.  

Are You Able to Take the HVAC Test Online?

Most HVAC certification tests are not offered online and are proctored. This means you have to physically show up on the test site and give the exam. However, some tests are open-book, which means you can consult any book for the duration of your test. Some of these tests are offered online, as well.

How to Take EPA HVAC Certification Test Online

The EPA 608 certification has three types or categories. Type 1 is an open-book test, which is why you have the option to take it online or on-site. However, Type 2 and Type 3 have to be taken on-site and aren’t offered online. 

Cautious Considerations to Keep in Mind

While the option to get your HVAC certification has made the process quite easier, this simplification demands you to be a little alert and do your research. Some factors you should be aware of are:


It is important to understand the difference between certification and license. A certification is a proof that you have the knowledge and skill-set for a particular function or specialty. On the other hand, a license is a state allowing you to practice the skills that you have acquired. Therefore, while you might be able to obtain some certifications online, the same can’t be said about licenses. 

State Requirements

Every state has different requirements when it comes to HVAC certification and licensing. Some states require some certifications before your license can be issued. Therefore, make sure that you know the requirements you have to meet and then register yourself for any course. 


Many tests, courses, and license requirements entail that you show proof of hands-on experience. Since the nature of the job is such, there can be no substitute for practical experience as you need the mandatory skill set for this job. 

People Also Ask

Following is the compilation of some of the most common queries that people have had when considering online HVAC certifications. Hence, we decided to answer them so that you have no confusion left.  

What is the HVAC Certification Online Cost?

The certification cost depends on the course that you are taking and the body that is offering it. Therefore, it can vary greatly. However, if you are looking for a course that is free of cost, then that would be extremely difficult to find. 

What HVAC Certification Can I Get Online?

Many HVAC schools offer some of their courses or some hours of their courses online. This differs from state to state. You can also get the Type 1 EPA certification online as it is an open-book test, so it doesn’t require a proctored exam. 

How to Earn an HVAC Certificate Online

This depends upon the course you are taking and the requirements of that particular course. You should just check if that course is a state requirement for licensing or not, provided you are not interested in taking supplementary courses. You just go to the website offering that course, enroll yourself, complete the coursework, and get your certificate. 

How Useful is Online HVAC Training? 

Contrary to popular belief, online HVAC training can be really helpful and useful. Since the individual has the flexibility to study at his/her own ease, they tend to do better and learn more. Many courses have separate hours for on-site work. 

Where Can I Apply For Online School For HVAC?

There are many schools nationwide that offer online HVAC courses. A few of them are the University of Central Florida, Penn Foster Career School, Ferris State University, Ashworth College and, Air Conditioning Contractors Of America.

Can I Take Florida HVAC Test Online?

The Florida state license test cannot be taken online. However, as specified above, you can opt for other open-book certifications and tests and can give them online. If the license is your primary concern, then see the course requirements they demand. 

Can You Find Free Online HVAC Courses With Certificates?

Since most of these courses are offered by recognized HVAC schools or local community colleges, they all charge a fee for certification. Therefore, finding a free course would not be easy. However, you can apply for financial aid or scholarships if offered. 

How to Find Online HVAC Training Courses

Just do your research on which courses can be found online. See if they align with the state requirement or not; if not, then you can still take it as a complementary course. After knowing which course to apply for, check out the websites of the schools that you are interested in. 

Can You Get an HVAC Associate's Degree Online?

There are some HVAC associate’s degree programs that can be found online. However, you would be more in luck if you are looking for a bachelor’s degree online as that’s more readily available. However, these programs would still demand a component where you need practical experience to finish your training. 

Where to Take HVAC Continuing Education Courses Online?

Some sites offer courses in the HVAC field for individuals who have already launched their careers. One such example is the 360training website, where you can find very up-to-date and contemporary courses. These are self-paced modules, so HVAC techs who have a busy working schedule and require CE credits can complete them more easily. 

What States Allow For Online HVAC Certification?

Every state has certain required courses that you need to take before getting your license. If those courses are being offered online, then you can take them; however, you would still have to show up for practical training. Hence, it can vary significantly.

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