How To Get Your Pennsylvania HVAC License – 2021 Guide

| Last Updated: October 20, 2021
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Have you always had a keen interest in repairing and installing equipment and want to take it a step further by pursuing a career in the field of HVAC in Pennsylvania? 

Becoming an HVAC technician in Pennsylvania is not an easy task. However, it is not a very difficult one, either. You need to have the proper education, training, and on-field experience to become an expert HVAC technician in Pennsylvania.

This article will help you get a basic idea of becoming a professional and licensed HVAC technician in Pennsylvania and the scope, demand, and job outlook, which makes it one of the highest-paying and fast-growing fields in the state.

How to Become an HVAC Technician in Pennsylvania

Becoming an HVAC technician in Pennsylvania is not very difficult. The state has not passed any certification mandate for practicing HVAC in Pennsylvania, which means that you do not necessarily need to acquire an HVAC license to become a professional. 

However, some cities require you to get certified to get a job, which is why it is a good idea to get an HVAC license, especially if you wish to specialize in a certain HVAC field.

You can become a certified professional HVAC technician in Pennsylvania by following these few simple steps:

Enroll in an HVAC Certification and Training Program 

Many top colleges in Pennsylvania offer excellent training programs and courses that provide certification to become an HVAC tech in Pennsylvania. These four-year bachelor's programs provide the necessary education to handle and repair high-tech HVAC units and hands-on working experience in the field under their competent apprenticeship programs.

Pass the ICC Exam With a Minimum 70% Grade

To get licensed, you must apply for an International Code Council (ICC) exam and pass the test with a minimum 70% grade. The fee for taking the exam is $150.

Get Your Desired License

Once you have passed the ICC test, you are eligible to become a licensed professional HVAC technician in Pennsylvania. The state offers three types of licenses according to your field and expertise. You can either get a House Improvement Contractor license, B-Grade Refrigeration License, or an HVAC contractor license. The requirements and examination criteria are different for each one.

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What Makes Pennsylvania a Great Place to Start an HVAC Career?

Pennsylvania is one of the fastest developing states in the USA in terms of technology, industry, and high-paying employment opportunities and has an excellent growing demand for people who wish to become professional HVAC technicians in Pennsylvania.

Pursuing a career in HVAC in PA is not difficult, and most people can acquire their license and certification in less than a year. Choosing this field in Pennsylvania is a great idea because of the following reasons:

Amazing Training Programs and Professional HVAC Courses 

Top colleges in Pennsylvania, such as the Pennsylvania College of Technology and Harrisburg Area Community College, offer excellent HVAC programs to provide quality education about the latest HVAC units and technology. They also offer high-end training and apprenticeship programs to get you an impeccable on-field experience that will help you land a great entry-level HVAC job with a top contractor company in the state.

High-paying Jobs

HVAC technicians in Pennsylvania earn a good annual income, even as an apprentice, which means that there is a bright future for people who wish to pursue a career in HVAC here.

No Hectic Licensing Procedures

The state of Pennsylvania does not have any laws that compel HVAC technicians to acquire a license to get a job. All you need is a certified HVAC degree and training to get started.

Job Outlook and Salary For HVAC Techs in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania offers some excellent career opportunities to individuals who wish to become an HVAC professional and work in various indoor and outdoor settings, including residential and commercial projects, hotels, schools, offices, and industrial facilities. The growing demand for people who can maintain, repair, and install high-tech HVAC equipment, refrigeration units, heating, and cooling systems, and the increasing number of job openings for HVAC technicians in Pennsylvania means an amazing scope for HVAC techs here.

Moreover, these jobs pay great, which means that an HVAC technician here can earn a high income and live a quality life. It does not matter if you have just started; the state offers countless well-paying jobs for beginners. An HVAC technician can earn an average yearly salary of $65,640 or an hourly income of $31.65.

HVAC techs earn according to their expertise level and experience. Besides the salaries, the HVAC industry offers an excellent standard of living that attracts people and encourages them to choose this field in Pennsylvania. 

The average income of HVAC employees according to their expertise level are:

Entry Level: $26,140/yr

Mid-Level: $44,000-50,000/yr

Master-Level: $71,558/yr

Insurance and Tax Information for HVAC Techs in Pennsylvania

The state has several rules and regulations to ensure the safety and damage coverage of HVAC employees. Working in the HVAC industry with high-pressure equipment and complicated, challenging procedures means that you are exposed to various kinds of risks. 

For this reason, the HVAC industry requires its workers to acquire four types of insurance plans: general commercial liability, commercial property, errors and omission, and worker’s compensation. These plans cover all your expenses and hospital bills in case of an unforeseen accident.

Moreover, the HVAC industry is required to pay substantial taxes to the federal authorities, the amount of which varies according to the type of business and the city.

Pennsylvania Cities with Highest Average HVAC Salaries

Cities in Pennsylvania offer many commercial HVAC jobs that pay a good amount of money to HVAC technicians, which means that the average income of workers in the HVAC field is quite high. Some of the top-paying cities in the state include:


At the first position comes York with an average HVAC salary of $57,726 per year. This is 20.1% higher than Pennsylvania's average HVAC salary. 


The second city on the list is Scranton, with an average annual HVAC income of $60,701.


Philadelphia follows close behind with an annual salary of $60,684. This is around $25.33 per hour. However, the average range lies between $38,742 and $58,019. This makes Philadelphia the third-highest paying city in the state.


With an annual salary of $60,386 for HVAC technicians, Erie is the fourth-highest paying city in Pennsylvania. This is around $22.50 per hour and an overtime salary of $6000 per year.


Pittsburgh has an annual salary of $59,682 for HVAC experts and is one of the top five highest paying cities in Pennsylvania with an annual income higher than that of the state.

The annual average HVAC salaries in different cities vary according to the costs of living, job opportunities, and the growing demand for HVAC technicians.


Pennsylvania has an excellent HVAC industry with countless opportunities and a growing demand for people who want to pursue their profession as an HVAC technician. The procedure to become a certified trained worker is quite simple and provides amazing benefits to people who become a part of this field, making this state a great place to get started as an HVAC tech.

People Also Ask

Those who wish to become a professional HVAC technician in Pennsylvania often have a lot of questions regarding the job opportunities, the procedure for becoming a licensed worker, and the benefits of choosing this field. This section answers some of the few questions that people ask to help you get a better idea about the HVAC field in Pennsylvania.

How Much Does It Cost For HVAC School in Pennsylvania? 

The tuition fees for HVAC and refrigeration courses in different colleges may vary. However, you can expect to pay up to $10,000 for the complete course. Colleges also offer online course courses. Some accredited institutions and community colleges also offer financial aid to students in Pennsylvania.

What is the Demand For HVAC Technicians in Pennsylvania?

The HVAC industry is one of the fastest-growing and most dynamic industries in Pennsylvania, with an impeccable job market and an increasing demand for HVAC technicians. Expert specialists are required to install, maintain, and repair high-tech HVAC units that are an important part of the residential and commercial complexes.

HVAC workers are seldom without work and earn a high income. Pennsylvania is one of the top five states in the United States with an ever-growing market for HVAC mechanics and specialists with a 15% growth rate in the annual income, making it one of the country's highest paying states with an active HVAC industry.

Nearby HVAC Schools

Here are some HVAC schools in nearby states:


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