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| Last Updated: October 20, 2021
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With the wide number of opportunities, HVAC has to offer, being a professional dealing with indoor quality improvement systems is a good career to pursue. 

Termed as HVAC or HVAC-R, these individuals specialize in maintaining and repairing systems involved in heating, air conditioning, ventilation, and refrigeration. Since it is a high paying career, it is an ideal line of work, particularly those in Connecticut. 

In particular, the state has a lot to offer for these aspiring professionals, from certifications to quality education and a wide array of job opportunities.

Becoming an HVAC Technician in Connecticut

With each state having a variation in requirements, there is one path to follow to be an HVAC Technician in CT. 

Firstly, you must have a high-school diploma, GED, or equivalent. Next, a college education, trade school, or equivalent is required for theoretical and technical study of HVAC such as mathematics and tool usage. With simulation software and certification books as well as lab work, one can accomplish the schooling to be all set for an apprenticeship. 

After applying for and approval of an apprenticeship, you can gain hands-on experience from real systems and fieldwork. The student enrolled will gain their EPA 608 certification and be accustomed to working in the industry.

Nearing the end of the apprenticeship, the student can apply for and take the required licensing exams as per their state rules, and after clearing, they are fully eligible and certified to begin their career as a full-fledged HVAC technician. 

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Certification Requirements for HVAC Technicians in CT 

Besides the EPA 608 certification required by federal regulations, each state has set its regulations on the certifications required by HVAC technicians.

For the state of CT, all HVAC technicians must hold one of a selection of certifications. It is not required that the individual must hold all of them, but at least one is required to be considered fully certified. The choices available to opt from are 

  • Licensed Apprenticeship

  • Limited Warm Air, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration System Journeyman

  • Limited Heating, Cooling, and Piping Journeyman

  • Unlimited Heating, Cooling and Piping Journeyman

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Quick Take - Best HVAC Schools in Connecticut

Just looking for the 3 best schools in your area? Here are the best HVAC schools in Connecticut:

  1. New England Institute of Technology
  2. Porter and Chester Institute
  3. Lincoln Technical Institute

List of the Top HVAC Schools in Connecticut

We have discussed the general criteria and information that you need to know to enroll in an HVAC school, as well as the benefits of the career path. Now, let us have a look at the top schools to choose from for pursuing your education to become a certified HVAC technician.

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Address: 510 Barnum Ave. 4th floor, Bridgeport, CT (06608)
Phone: (203) 416-1935/(800) 542-0009

List of Programs:

  1. HVAC Training

Our Review of the Program

The program stands out as it trains students to not be suited to specific problems but to be problem solvers. This allows them to tackle situations and manage problems with equipment and other scenarios based on their learning. This is what makes the New England Institute of Technology one of the best schools offering HVAC training to the students of Connecticut.

They guide their students with a mindset to achieve bigger goals in life, look out of the box, and use their skills to accomplish tasks hands-on in the field. Their program curriculum spans education suited not only to a home-based environment but also several other scenarios, such as movie theatres, grocery stores, skyscrapers, malls, and more.

Chris A., a graduate of NETTTS, states that he was brought up from grassroots levels at the time of his admission and passed out as an accomplished individual. He started as a beginner with no background knowledge of the field of HVAC, which made him feel concerned. However, he states that he was trained well by experienced instructors at the school, allowing him to be fit for the industry and groom to be an excellent HVAC technician.

Address: 1245 Dixwell Avenue, Hamden, CT 06514 / 33 Palomba Drive, Enfield, CT 06082 / 670 Lordship Blvd, Stratford, CT 06615 / 30 Waterchase Dr., Rocky Hill, CT 06067 / 470 Bank Street, New London, CT 06320 / 881 Wolcott Street, Waterbury, CT 06705
Phone: (800) 870-6789

List of Programs:

  1. Career Industrial, Commercial and Residential Electrician
  2.  Career HVACR (Heating, Ventilation, Air Condition, Refrigeration)

Our Review of the Program

Amongst its wide array of courses offered, the HVAC program at Porter and Chester Institute stands out for the focus on preparing students for the future. The school focuses on skill-building and hands-on training with exposure to the actual equipment they will eventually use in the field. The instructors are qualified not just as teachers but also to guide you with what’s to come in the field.

The school also focuses on soft skills such as communication and professionalism. This allows students to deal with their clients in the best way to represent their skills, as impressions are judged first before an individual can exhibit their technical skills. Porter and Chester ensure that graduates get a lot of hands-on experience and exposure to the field equipment.

Address: 97 Newberry Road, East Windsor, CT 06088 / 8 Progress Drive, Shelton, CT 06484 / 200 John Downey Drive, New Britain, CT 06051
Phone: (844)-768-0039

List of Programs:

  1. HVAC 
  2. Electrician Training 

Our Review of the Program

Being one of the pioneers at providing HVAC training since 1946 to thousands of students all over the United States, Lincoln Tech has always focused on providing its students a hands-on experience to allow them to develop the skills needed for them in the field. From simulation software for troubleshooting and understanding how actual systems on the fieldwork to tool kits that assist you in tasks, Lincoln Tech provides it all.

Graduates have applauded the staff and instructors, as they are qualified and well-versed with the equipment and very cooperative with students. The students are introduced to and trained for Green Technology, as per the requirements of the EPA certification rules and regulations to allow them to attain a cleaner view for an alternative in technological practices, allowing them to be environment-friendly.

The program also includes energy auditing to help students understand energy loss and devise methods to counteract it. Classrooms and labs are set up to assist students in performing simulations for ductwork using household furnaces, walk-in freezers, and centralized air systems.

Address: 431 Minor Street, Bristol, CT (06010)
Phone: (860) 584-8433

List of Programs:

  1. HVAC/R

Our Review of the Program

The training here includes teaching procedures for safety, mechanisms, and methods for proper testing of equipment, allowing students to be well-acquainted with the technology used in the field. Students are also taught EPA rules and regulations to be prepared for certification.

The program at Bristol Tech also focuses on the refrigerator element; hence, it is termed HVAC/R and teaches the students about safety precautions, such as those necessary when handling refrigerants. Students are also taught the assembly of various types of air handling systems, ductwork, and the like.

Projects are provided to students, where they get to work on equipment of refrigeration, air conditioning, and train for ventilation and heating mechanisms. This allows students to develop the necessary technical skills that they will require in the field.

Students appreciate the teaching mechanisms used, and despite the small campus, the provision of all necessary facilities. The staff is cooperative and assists the students throughout projects to allow them to understand the mechanism and techniques involved in troubleshooting and maintaining equipment. This is the hands-on experience they gain that benefits them further on as they graduate and move on to their professional lives.

Address: 233 Mill Street Waterbury, CT
Phone: (203)-753-7910

List of Programs:

  1. License Prep
  2. Apprenticeship Programs for Waterbury, CT & the Surrounding Area

Our Review of the Program

IMTI is a small institution that has a 100% acceptance rate. They offer several programs, particularly those in the skilled trade, such as HVAC and plumbing. Despite the private for-profit organizational background, teachers and staff at the institution are incredibly cooperative and willing to give individual attention and cooperation to students.

Small classrooms with minimal students each allow students to interact with each teacher and be provided individual attention to assist them in learning more and better. With hands-on experience training, students understand the nature of the field and how to tackle the elements present there with their skills and experiences from school.

The school counsels for and provides several beneficial career services and preparation to allow students to pursue the best career path meant for them. This has resulted in the school having gained plenty of positive reviews from its students, both current and alumni alike. Some reviews by students state that it is a great institute for trade license test prep and classes for CEU. Students say that the institute has a lot to offer, and the staff is remarkably excellent and qualified, fit to teach and guide the students towards their goal.

Address: 10 Alcap Ridge Cromwell, CT (06416)
Phone: (860) 893-0605

List of Programs:

  1. HVAC
  2. CETP Propane
  3. Energy Efficiency/ BPI

Our Review of the Program

The state-approved, non-profit private institute excels at providing in-depth knowledge and training to students to enhance their understanding. Entech Advanced Energy Training is a well-renowned school amongst its students with several positive reviews. They focus on building student skills to allow them to diagnose HVAC systems to troubleshoot problems while inspecting and evaluating them.

They also teach students the art of installing an HVAC system following the design specifications provided. Entech provides you with six-month coursework at its institute to allow students to gain their S-2 HVAC license. It is known for hands-on training using the latest tech and provides individual attention through easier one-on-one communication with teachers and instructors.

The main focus of Entech is to entail and describe every detail of the jobs that students can take to allow them to see the full picture of what they are headed for. This allows them to efficiently choose a career path and find a job that they are meant for. As per Entech’s statement, the students who are certified here have a better understanding of the industry as compared to graduates from other schools, which makes them stand out.

Address: 35 Robert Jackson Way, Plainville, CT (06062)
Phone: (860) 529-5886

List of Programs:

  1. HVAC
  2.  Electrical

Our Review of the Program

With the provision of hands-on experience and an organized division of the course plan to ensure proper development of skills, the HVAC curriculum at Construction Education Center is well-thought-out for better training of the students enrolled to allow them to attain an S-2 or D-2 certification as required by the state for an HVAC technician.

They provide a top-notch curriculum for both certifications, spaced out in their three or four-year plan, varying for both. The D-2 certification spans over 180 credit-hours over the first two years and 72 in the third year, while the S-2 certification spans over four years, with 180 credit hours for each.

Both certifications carry out the core elements for the training of an HVAC technician, such as 30-hour outreach training for construction by OSHA and much more to mold and groom students into being the best possible HVAC technicians in the industry. This allows individuals to be specialized in the field of work and be efficient in their work through the experience they have gained throughout their time spent at the school.

HVAC Schools in Connecticut Comparison Table

  • HVAC Training
  • 510 Barnum Ave. 4th floor, Bridgeport, CT (06608)
  • (203) 416-1935/(800) 542-0009
Learn More →Read Customer Reviews
  • Career HVACR (Heating, Ventilation, Air Condition, Refrigeration), Career Industrial, Commercial and Residential Electrician
  • 1245 Dixwell Avenue, Hamden, CT 06514, 33 Palomba Drive, Enfield, CT 06082, 470 Bank Street, New London, CT 06320, 30 Waterchase Dr., Rocky Hill, CT 06067, 670 Lordship Blvd, Stratford, CT 06615, 881 Wolcott Street, Waterbury, CT 06705
  • (800) 870-6789
Learn More →Read Customer Reviews
  • Electrician Training, HVAC
  • 97 Newberry Road, East Windsor, CT 06088, 8 Progress Drive, Shelton, CT 06484, 200 John Downey Drive, New Britain, CT 06051
  • 844-768-0039
Learn More →Read Customer Reviews
  • HVAC/R
  • 431 Minor Street, Bristol, CT (06010)
  • (860) 584-8433
Learn More →Read Customer Reviews
  • Apprenticeship Programs for Waterbury, CT & the Surrounding Area, License Prep
  • 233 Mill Street Waterbury, CT
  • 203-753-7910
Learn More →Read Customer Reviews
  • HVAC, CETP Propane, Energy Efficiency/ BPI
  • 10 Alcap Ridge Cromwell, CT (06416)
  • (860) 893-0605
Learn More →Read Customer Reviews
  • HVAC, Electrical
  • 35 Robert Jackson Way, Plainville, CT (06062)
  • (860) 529-5886
Learn More →Read Customer Reviews

How Long is HVAC School?

While it all goes down to what certification one is doing, the average time it takes to complete an HVAC degree is around two years. During this time, the students gain theoretical as well as practical hands-on knowledge of HVACR systems and understand how to maintain and manage them. This allows them to be efficient at working in the field as they have gained exposure to the technology and equipment used in scenarios beforehand at school, allowing them to perform better than students who haven’t gained the same experience before work.

Some schools, however, offer accelerated programs that allow students to complete their degree in a shorter interval of time, be it through extended credit hours, variation in class durations, or otherwise. Some other schools also offer certification with their degree completion to make students perfectly job-ready, which lasts not more than 15 weeks. 

Both degree programs and certifications teach students the basics of the job, including hands-on electrical work, necessary safety precautions to take when working with elements such as refrigerants, and a thorough understanding of mechanisms present in an HVAC system.

How Much Does HVAC School Cost?

HVAC is one career option that pays well and is a good investment to make for a career that will be up to its worth. The cost differs from state to state, with the range varying from $1,200 to $15,000 for a complete community college certification of six to twelve months. While in states such as Washington, the prices are $6,500 for a one-year certification, the same is offered for $4,000 in Connecticut. The difference in the fee structures makes it an even more optimal choice to pursue a career in HVAC in Connecticut. 

Despite the lower charges of completing a certification, the programs do not seem to have any academic lack in schools in Connecticut, as all the necessary elements are included in the curriculum as they would be in any other state, such as hands-on learning simulation-based scenario education. Moreover, with the wide range of prospects available for students, the field is an excellent choice to go for in Connecticut.

What Makes Connecticut a Great Place to Start an HVAC Career? 

While starting a career in a brand new field of work can be a bit of a challenge for any individual out there, it is worth the time spent when it has much to offer, such as a wide array of amazing prospects and jobs for the graduates. Here are a few features that make Connecticut a great place to start your HVAC career.

Better Pay

Skilled trades are well-paid-for in the state of Connecticut and have a good range of salaries that make them worth pursuing. This applies for HVAC, too; with just a certification, it brings forward a wide range of career options in Connecticut as well as elsewhere. 

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Cheaper Training

Connecticut not only offers better pay than other states, but it also provides economical options for training. The fee structures for schools offering HVAC here are much lower as compared to schools in other states such as Washington and Florida. 

More Job Opportunities

Individuals who fear unemployment and joblessness would be glad to know that there is always work available for an HVAC technician, especially in the state of Connecticut, thus making it an even more prosperous line of work to go for. 

Job Outlook and Salary for HVAC Techs in Connecticut

Like any other skilled trade, an HVAC technician's job is a technical one involving a lot of fieldwork and exposure to technology and equipment. However, the extra effort that it demands eventually pays off; in other words, you get quite a handsome salary that ranges between $51,000 and $64,900 annually, with the average base salary being $38.28 per hour. This can further be broken down into entry-level salary packages offered to fresh grads, intermediate-level salaries for experienced technicians, and master-level salaries for seniors in the field of work.

Entry Level: For a fresh graduate having less than a year of experience, the average salary spans around $35.48 per hour

Mid-Level: A person who has been in the field for five to nine years as an HVAC technician earns around $43.66 per hour

Master-Level: Anyone having more than nine years of experience and exposure as a skilled HVAC technician will make more than the average of $51.85 per hour


It is evident that HVAC is an excellent career choice, and pursuing a certification in HVAC from an accredited and well-renowned institute is the way to go for a good career in the field. The degree opens paths for many careers in the well-paying field, which is why it is necessary to attend an appropriate school or institute for it. We hope this article makes it easier to opt for the school of your choice for your degree in HVAC.

Nearby HVAC Schools

Here are some HVAC schools in nearby states:


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