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| Last Updated: October 20, 2021
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After deciding to have a career as an HVAC professional, the first step is to look for a credible HVAC school to get your training. The right education will ensure that you have the skills and knowledge required for the field.

However, given the plethora of schools in Orlando, you might find yourself confused. To help you out, we have the complete guide for the best HAC schools in Orlando, so you don’t have to worry about choosing the wrong one. 

If you want to learn more about them, keep on reading!

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How Long is HVAC School?

When it comes to looking for an HVAC school, aspirants are riddled with several questions and often quite confused. To make things clear, some basics you should know are:


Most programs require students to be at least 18 years or over and have a high school diploma to apply. To become an HVAC technician in Florida, one must have either a state-certified (Class A/Class B) Florida HVAC license or a state-registered (Class A/Class B) Florida HVAC license. There are some certifications like the NATE and EPA 608 exam, and passing any of these can be highly beneficial for an HVAC technician. These might also be a requirement if you wish to work with ozone-depleting refrigerants.  

Important Considerations

It’s important to understand that the institute you choose to get your training from can be pivotal in preparing you for your career in the HVAC industry. Therefore, you must choose an accredited institution that offers a good program to cater to you. Programs may vary according to duration, course titles, and several other aspects; therefore, look into whether the program offers an associate degree or a diploma and decide which works for your plan. 

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How Much Does HVAC School Cost?

HVAC school costs differ according to the different institutions, programs, conditions, etc. The cost of day-time programs is different than that of evening programs. Similarly, the fee structure is different for in-state and out-of-state students. Thus, what HVAC school costs you might be different from what it costs someone else. 

On average, the daytime program fee is $5,171 and includes tuition, lab charges, etc., whereas the evening fee structure is $3,119. Some programs provide notes, textbooks, and other materials without additional charges; however, that isn’t the case for most programs, so additional charges need to be added to the overall cost for those. There are several other costs, such as that of living in the city, transportation, and supplies, which also need to be taken into consideration. 

Different certifications are considered important such as NATE and EPA (608), especially if you are going to be working with ozone-depleting refrigerants. Giving exams to acquire these certifications also have a cost, and it may differ from certification to certification. 

Quick Take - Best HVAC Schools in Orlando

Just looking for the top 3 schools in your area? Here are the best HVAC schools in Orlando:

  1. Orange Technical College
  2. Southern Technical College
  3. DMAC Tech Trade School

List of the Top HVAC Schools in Orlando

It can be pretty daunting to find the right school as it takes a lot of time and research, plus the wrong decision could lead to a bad experience. Therefore, we have compiled and reviewed a list of the top HVAC schools in Orlando. Let’s take a look at them:

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Get information on HVACR Certified Technician programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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Address: 301 W Amelia St Orlando, FL 32801
Phone: 407-841-8324

List of Programs:

  1. Heating, Ventilation, Air conditioning/Refrigeration (HVAC/R) 1 and 2

Our Review of the Program

This is one of Florida's most prestigious institutions that has been serving its residents with quality education since 1933 and was previously known as Orange County Vocational School. The Orlando campus has a 135,000 square-foot area housing a five-story building located in downtown Orlando. This incredible institution has excellent instructors that will help you imbibe the knowledge and skills required in the HVAC industry. Furthermore, the campus-wide electronic delivery system of multimedia learning resources delivers state-of-the-art instruction to students. 

This institution offers two relevant courses, namely HVAC/R 1 and HVAC/R 2. Both courses focus on training students on several different aspects of the HVAC industry, such as technical production skills, planning, management, entry-level engineering design, etc.   

The HVAC/R 1 focuses on the introduction and fundamentals of HVAC and service practices, while HVAC/R 2 focuses more on intermediate and advanced HVAC service practices. The duration for the former is 750 hours, which approximately translates to nine months, and the duration for HVAC/R 2 is 600 hours, which translates approximately to six months.

Upon completing the course, students should be able to take the following employment-ready exams through HVAC excellence; Air Conditioning / Electrical, EPA Section 608 Certification, 4-10 A Safety Certification, and Heat Pump, Light Commercial Refrigeration, etc.

Address: 1801 Florida Mall Ave., Orlando, FL 32809
Phone: 407-438-6000

List of Programs:

  1. HVAC/R, Electrical Trades, and Welding

Our Review of the Program

STC offers two separate programs for HVAC training, one being a ten-month diploma course and the other being an 18-month long Associate’s degree. These HVAC training programs do an excellent job of preparing students for entry-level employment opportunities for installing and servicing residential and light commercial ACs and heating systems. 

One of the key features of these programs is the flexibility they offer to cater to a wide audience. They offer morning and evening classes, plus in the diploma course, students get the required material and textbooks without any additional cost. Financial aid is also available for those who qualify for it. 

The faculty is exceptional and consists of industry professionals who will provide you with the knowledge and practical skills required when you’re on the job. Students will be given hands-on learning experience, taught how to build a resume, and be prepared for interviews, which is as important as theoretical knowledge. 

The program has a well-thought-out curriculum, including Introduction to Building Construction, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Theory, HVAC System Design, Commercial Refrigeration, Commercial Air Conditioning, Applied Heating, Motors and Controls, Basic Electricity and Electronics, etc. Few institutions take into account your career preparation alongside imparting theoretical and practical knowledge. Fortunately, Southern Technical College is one of them, which makes it an excellent school to get your HVAC training from. 

Address: 15224 E Colonial Dr, Orlando, FL 32826
Phone: 407-285-1288

List of Programs:

  1. HVAC Certification & Training (Advanced), HVAC Certification & Training (Basic), HVAC Certification & Training (Premium)

Our Review of the Program

This institution offers several four different courses on HVAC training, depending upon your skills. So, if you’re starting, you can begin with the HVAC Certification & Training (Basic), and if you’re aware of the basics, you may pick the one for advanced students. 

The program's main focus is to provide a fast, effective, and efficient way of becoming an HVAC technician and open doors of opportunity to make the most of this high-demand skill. The program offers full-online course training, study notes, step-by-step tutorials, hands-on training simulations, and an HVAC Certificate upon completion of the program. 

This program's course content includes HVAC formulas, Wiring Codes, refrigeration basics, components, maintenance, basic electrical fundamentals, electrical safety, electrical troubleshooting, Air Flow Distribution, refrigeration Troubleshooting, etc. This program also includes the EPA 608 Universal Certification study & exam, which is considered one of the essential certifications for an HVAC technician. 

The course requirement is simply a high school diploma, and if you don’t have one, you can simply take their two-week online high school diploma program. This is one of the most cost-effective and affordable programs on the list. 

Address: 12900 Challenger Parkway, Orlando, FL 32826
Phone: 844-402-3337

List of Programs:

  1. HVAC/R with PLC, Electrical, Welding

Our Review of the Program

Florida Technical Institute has been teaching trade careers for more than 30 years and is one of the most reputable institutions. The well-thought-out curriculum and highly capable teachers help teach you the skills and knowledge necessary to safely diagnose situations and compute necessary calculations essential for successful employment.

The HVAC/R with PLC diploma program provides students with practical skills and technical knowledge so they can successfully install, repair, and service heating, refrigeration, and air conditioning systems. Unlike many others, this program also has a computer component known as the programmable logic controller (PLC).

The course's total duration is 920 credit hours, which are approximately 15 months, and the hours are divided into 500 lecture hours and 420 lab hours. The program prepares its students for positions in construction firms, refrigeration and air conditioning companies, manufacturing and even makes them capable of running their businesses.

The course contents include applied math for HVAC technicians, digital electronics, introduction to electricity, electrical instrumentation, introduction to refrigeration and air conditioning, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) laws and regulations, mechanical instrumentation, residential equipment, heat pumps, and related systems, etc. This program is available in English as well as Spanish.

Address: 989 N Semoran Blvd, Orlando, Florida 32807
Phone: 321-430-8300

List of Programs:

  1. Heating, Ventilation and Air conditioning (HVAC)

Our Review of the Program

Florida Career College is one of the best institutions in Florida to get your HVAC training due to several reasons. It’s accredited by the Council on Occupational Education (COE), and for the past several years, it has been providing high-quality education with top-notch faculty. 

The school offers a ten-month-long HVAC diploma program that prepares students for entry-level field service positions. It also offers two pro HVAC certifications. By the end of this program, you should be able to work at entry-level positions, such as HVAC technician, service technician, HVAC mechanic, refrigeration technician, refrigeration mechanic, etc

This program doesn’t just enable you to learn Installation, sales, maintenance, and repair theoretically, but it also provides hands-on experience with experienced instructors. It prepares you for the EPA Section 608 Certification for Stationary Air Conditioning and Refrigeration and the Universal R-410A Safety Training & Certification, which are considered important (optional) for an HVAC technician.

Some course titles include basic electricity, motors, and HVAC controls, air conditioning, troubleshooting and heat pump systems, basic refrigeration theory and application, electrical and mechanical troubleshooting, duct design, blueprint reading, and load calculation, etc. 

HVAC Schools in Orlando Comparison Table

  • Also for those who do not have a high school diploma
  • You get the essential skills to start a career
  • Also apprenticeships available here
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  • A wide range of courses available for students
  • Get some quality career training at this college
  • Many different financial assistance options available
Learn More →Read Customer Reviews
  • Over 35 years of technical training experience
  • Many different facilities available for students
  • A wide range of courses available for students
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  • Many different financial assistance options available
  • A wide range of programs available for students
  • You get the essential skills to start a career
learn More →Read Customer Reviews
  • Many years of training experience from trainers
  • Get the right training with hands-on education
  • A healthy student life with many facilities
Learn More →Read Customer Reviews

What Makes Orlando a Great Place to Start an HVAC Career?

People often wonder why Orlando is considered a good place to start your HVAC career, and if you plan to do the same, we suggest you keep reading! Several aspects make Orlando a great place to be an HVAC technician. These include:


Orlando experiences warm weather year-round, which is why residential and commercial establishments need to have well-maintained air conditioning systems. This is the reason why the HVAC industry is booming in Orlando, making it a great place to start your career.  

Salary and Benefits

On average, an HVAC technician makes anywhere from $19 to $24 per hour in Orlando. The city has several excellent and high-paying jobs for HVAC technicians, and the average pay here for HVAC tech is greater than in other states. They also get other benefits, such as employee discounts, parental leave, relocation assistance, etc.


According to statistics, the jobs in the HVAC industry are supposed to grow by 30% in the coming years. Plus, more complex technology will be introduced to the industry, and there will be a greater demand than ever for HVAC technicians and their expertise for installing, maintaining, repairing, and servicing them. 

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Job Outlook and Salary For HVAC Techs in Orlando

One of the key attractions or major aspects of any profession is its outlook along with the salary. HVAC is a rapidly growing industry in Orlando, which is why it makes a promising career path. As far as salary is concerned, it varies due to several aspects. Let’s take at the job outlook and salary for HVAC technicians in Orlando:

Entry Level

HVAC technicians that are just entering the field with little to no experience are expected to make about $25,000 annually. Their salary and benefits will increase as they gain experience, certifications, and training in the field. 


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, on average, HVAC technicians make $43,640 per annum, which equals to an hourly wage of about $21. The salary will differ from person to person, depending upon their experience, certifications, etc. 


The top 10% in this profession earn about $68,000 annually or more as they have more years of experience in the field.

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The sunshine state of Florida has a thriving HVAC industry, which is why being an HVAC technician in Orlando is highly rewarding. This post takes you through all the information necessary when looking into pursuing a career as an HVAC technician in Orlando, like the best HVAC schools in Orlando, the job and salary outlook for HVAC technicians in Orlando, etc. Hopefully, you now know enough to pick the right HVAC training school for yourself!

Nearby HVAC Schools

Here are some HVAC schools in nearby states:


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