Best HVAC Schools in Michigan – 2021 Top Report

| Last Updated: October 20, 2021
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Temperature control has become a popular demand not only in the United States but all over the world. 

In the States, particularly, it is preferred to enroll in a diploma or bachelor program in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. The courses designed help you in successfully pursuing this as a profession. 

In this article, we are going to talk about the job market of this profession in Michigan and what the best schools to attend are. 

Requirements to Be an HVAC Technician in Michigan

To be an HVAC technician, there are certain requirements that are enlisted for each state. Likewise, for Michigan, the set of requirements are somewhat different from some other states. We have explained those guidelines briefly here.

In the state of Michigan, the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regularity Affairs, Bureau of Construction Codes, and the Mechanical Division require you to get a mechanical contractor’s license. This enables you to perform any repairs or install heating, ventilating, cooling, or refrigeration systems. These departments also overlook the applications received and are in charge of the examination and license distribution as well.

There is an eligibility criterion for obtaining a mechanical contractor’s license. Not only do you need to have three years of experience in whatever you like to be licensed in, but you also need to pass an exam.        

The Michigan Mechanical Contractor Licensing Exam is offered only four times a year, even though this is not the case for many other states. The exam covers everything from theory to practices specific to HVAC. 

There is a wide range of schools and colleges where you can enroll to take the required courses. This article will help you determine the one best suitable for you.  

Salary and Job Outlook in Michigan

This is an important factor to weigh in when you’re getting into any profession. We are going to overview the job prospects of being an HVAC technician in Michigan and give you an insight into the salary packages offered. 

According to recent statistical analysis, employment in this industry is predicted to rise. More specifically, it is expected that there will be a steady growth at the rate of 14% between now and 2024. This growth depends on the age of outsourcing and HVAC required on site.

Salaries differ within the state too, from city to city. You can make an average of $42,557 in Dearborn Heights but a whopping $45,039 in Ann Arbor. The more experience you gain, the greater your annual income is. The most skilled and experienced technicians can expect to make more than $60,000 annually. When we take yearly take-home pay into consideration, we can say that Michigan HVAC technicians are in the top 48% of trade workers.

The best part about the HVAC sector is that it is always evolving and progressing. Equipment becomes outdated in a matter of months and then needs to be upgraded. Hence, the requirement for skilled technicians is never short. They are always needed to replace old equipment, to upgrade to newer ones, and help in troubleshooting. 

Quick Take - Best HVAC Schools in Michigan

Just looking for the top three schools in your area? Here are the best HVAC schools in Michigan:

  1. North Western Technological Institute
  2. Kellogg Community College
  3. William D. Ford Career-Technical Center

List of the Top HVAC Schools in Michigan

Now let’s get into the top HVAC schools in Michigan. From the address to the reasons why we picked which school, we will try to convey as much relevant and useful information to you as possible. So let’s get started. 

Search HVACR Certified Technician Programs

Get information on HVACR Certified Technician programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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Address: 24567 Northwestern Hwy, Southfield, MI 48075
Phone: 248-358-4006

List of Programs:

  1. Hands-on HVAC program

Our Review of the Program

At North Western Technological Institute, you can earn up to four HVAC certifications. Everything you learn here is practical and will help you once you’re employed.

There is a wide range of classes offered, and students are trained in everything, ranging from installation of heating, air conditioning, refrigeration, and boiling systems. These classes are not only limited to residential infrastructures but commercial as well. The HVAC program also trains students in maintenance, basic plumbing, appliance repair, and electrical.

North Western Technological Institute only employs the best of the best. All instructors at this institute are highly skilled, which will make you experience here even better. Unlike many other schools, here at North Western, you get practical, hands-on training and are not just taught the theory.

The schedule is flexible too. You can join either morning, afternoon, or evening classes, depending upon your availability. This way, you can juggle your work and school lives together. Classes are also offered throughout the year so you can start the courses whenever feasible.

The main reason you’d want to come to this institute is that HVAC is their main and only field of expertise. They are focused on training in one area, which concludes that they are great at it. 

Address: 450 North Avenue Battle Creek, MI 49017
Phone: 269-965-3931

List of Programs:

  1. Industrial Trades Certificate in HVAC-R
  2. Associate in Applied Science: Skilled Trades
  3. Associate in Applied Science: Industrial HVAC-R

Our Review of the Program

Kellogg Community College offers three different programs for aspiring HVAC technicians. It trains its students in installing, repairing, and maintaining HVAC systems. There is a wide range of careers you can pursue after pursuing a program here; you can be an air compressor mechanic, air quality technician, HVAC automation technician, HVAC-R installer, mechanic, specialist, or a stationary engineer. Further along the line, you can uptake managerial posts as well.

A great thing about training at Kellogg Community College is that you can get a transfer here if you previously enrolled at another institute.

Apart from that, there are many reasons to enroll here. Being one of the oldest institutes to offer programs in HVAC training, Kellogg Community College is facilitated with all the latest equipment to help improve your hands-on training experience; it is the only college to have a low-pressure refrigerant trainer in Michigan. Every piece of machinery here is similar to what trainees will be dealing with once employed.

To help you manage work and school life together, all programs here at Kellogg Community College are self-paced. You can study each module when it suits you, and instructors are available to help around the clock.

You can take a tour around the college to help make your decision. We believe this college to be a great choice for training as an HVAC technician.

Address: Westland, MI, 48185
Phone: 734-419-2100

List of Programs:

  1. Buildings and Grounds

Our Review of the Program

Say hello to a bright future if you choose to study at the William D. Ford Career-Technical Center. With state-of-the-art machinery and equipment, this center has been able to produce thousands of skilled and educated technical workers over the years.

The center offers 19 training programs, all taught by industry trained and state-certified instructors. There are advisory committees and supportive school board to aid you in all matters. The center aims to utilize a hands-on training approach to produce the most skilled technicians in Michigan.

At William D. Ford Career-Technical Center, you do not need to fear anything. It has an accepting environment with diverse people from every race, religion, or social status. They believe in gender equality and train both females and males in a wide range of areas. There is no discrimination, and you can learn with ease. They pride themselves in providing excellent knowledge with top industry trade certifications, all the while being extremely affordable.

Address: 2907 East Court Street, Flint, MI, 48506
Phone: 810-265-8174

List of Programs:

  1. HVAC training

Our Review of the Program

HVAC Bootcamp has extensive training programs in heating and cooling. They provide in-depth theoretical knowledge as well as practical, hands-on training so that you obtain the best experience for employment.

The main aim of the Bootcamp is to provide all the necessary and required knowledge in a short period of time. The owner, Brien Hollis, has been in the field for many years and has the experience to produce polished technicians, as he is trained in multiple fields from HVAC to ductwork and Hydronics.

If you want to become an HVAC technician but are looking for a program with minimum course hours because of work or other commitments, you’ve come to the right place. The Bootcamp offers a 15-week course where classes are held from 06 PM to 10 PM, once a week. The requirements to enroll in the course is minimal as well; you only need to be older than 18 with a valid ID and obtain a grade above 70% to pass.

An appreciative thing at the Bootcamp is that they provide and help with job placement. Students passing their written and practical examinations receive recommendation letters to help secure employment. The alumni have a lot to say about their wonderful experience here and how much they learned in a short amount of time. 

Address: 14701 Harper Ave, Detroit, MI 48224
Phone: 313-527-9740

List of Programs:

  1. Custodial Services
  2. Heating and Cooling
  3. Building Maintenance with
  4. Learning for the Future
  5. Green Building Construction
  6. Carpentry and Building Construction

Our Review of the Program

Detroit Training Institute of Technology (DTIT) was established around 14 years ago and certifies students in Plumbing, Carpentry, Electrical Wiring Residential, Heating & Cooling (HVAC) Building Maintenance with Custodial Services and Green Building Construction. To specialize in these programs, individuals must go through a four-year apprenticeship.

DTIT provides its students with the perfect balance of theoretical or textbook knowledge as well as hands-on experience as that counts the most for employment in the future. To ensure students get the best training, the institute hires highly skilled trade professionals who aren’t only experienced in the field but are good conveyors of knowledge too.

From the variety of certification programs being offered here, students have the choice to opt for one or all five courses, depending upon their schedule and timings.

One of the best features of the institute is the focus on Green Construction Technology to ensure sustainable and environmental-friendly practices. Since the state of Michigan is striving hard to be the first state with a green economy, such practices help with the state’s motive. Green Building Technology can bring about a great revolution in the architecture industry.

Address: 2955 Haggerty Rd, Canton, MI 48188
Phone: 800-447-1310

List of Programs:

  1. 9 Month Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration Technician Career Training Program

Our Review of the Program

New construction and the need to upgrade old systems that are energy-efficient, safe, and environment-friendly are the upcoming demands from HVAC technicians in this modern era. As systems become more and more complex, the need for formal training and proper certification is essential in making a skilled and advanced HVAC technician. MIAT College of Technology has been producing such individuals for more than 50 years now.

With the incredible amount of experience, highly skilled trainers, modern technology, and equipment, you can harness a great amount of knowledge from this institute. This certification program comprises a wide variety of skills that are taught, including the applications of different tools, piping and fitting basics, air handling and Hydronics, heating fundamentals, vent system selection, and installation, inspection and documentation, and customer relations.

With great connections and well-knit networks, the college gives you the resources to flourish in the industry after graduating. Moreover, you can take advantage of all these facilities and pursue your profession as an HVAC technician, even if you aren’t able to afford it. MIAT does allocate student loans and helps you throughout the process.

Address: 31799 John R Rd, Madison Heights, MI 48071
Phone: 888-422-1188

List of Programs:

  1. HVAC Systems Technician training program

Our Review of the Program

The HVAC Systems Technician training program at Dorsey Schools teaches all the HVAC basics and workplace skills you need for licensing. You get to learn all about refrigeration, central heat and air units, electricity, and home heating systems – in both residential and commercial systems.

With new advancements in technology by the day, HVAC technicians are expected to be aware of upgraded systems and green technology. At Dorsey Schools, trainers guide their students about blueprinting, system design, and topical environmentally-friendly practices of weatherization and sustainability. This enables students to prepare for EPA Universal Certification; not a lot of institutes enable their students for this.

When it comes to employment, Dorsey Schools’ graduates have been employed aplenty. This college’s education standard is quite high, and they prepare their students with real-world knowledge in order to become successful professionals. The school assists graduates in work placement and posts listings on their website frequently.

The best part is that you do not need any prior experience in the field to enroll! You just need the determination to do well. The school offers financial aid and tuition assistance for those in need as well.

Address: Lansing campus 3215; S. Pennsylvania Ave. Lansing, MI 48910
Phone: 517-318-3330

List of Programs:

  1. HVAC-R

Our Review of the Program

In just eight months, you can graduate from Career Quest with comprehensive training in all things HVAC. As a graduate, you will be skilled in installing and operating residential heating and air conditioning systems, the practices, principles, and uses of basic electricity related to HVAC systems, and diagnosing and repairing domestic and commercial refrigeration systems.

In this modern era, it is also important to learn about blueprint reading, sheet metal fabrication and installation, and the Michigan Mechanical Code. These are some of the other skills that you get to learn at Career Quest.

Career Quest believes in a well-rounded education and provides students with the opportunity to practice with the latest tools and technologies that will aid them in real-world applications. The best part is that it takes in only a small amount of students per class so that each student gets individual attention.

Post-graduation, Career Quest assists its students in securing jobs successfully. In fact, if you have issues in your practical life and there are certain ambiguities you’d like to clarify, the institute provides additional training for up to two years! And that too for free! 

Address: 409 N Washington Square, Lansing, MI
Phone: 1-800-644-4522

List of Programs:

  1. Heat and Air Conditioning, CA
  2. Heat and Air Conditioning, AAS
  3. HVAC-R – Energy Management Engineering Technology, AAS

Our Review of the Program

Lansing Community College takes pride in its reputation in the HVAC community and the high standard of education and skills it offers. The instructors are not only skilled and experienced, but they are also very caring and know how to deliver information to students. Offering six specialist programs, the college aims to educate its students in a vast range of topics.

Most programs related to HVAC here take about two years to complete. Unlike many other schools, at the Lansing Community College, you won’t have to worry about it being affordable; even then, they do offer students financing or financial aid and support so that you can pursue your dreams.

The website elaborates on the employment growth and average salaries for each field or program of study. This will give you deeper insight into what you would like to study and its career prospective.

Lansing Community College is a diverse college and welcomes students of all nationalities, whether male or female. Graduates from this college find it easier to find jobs due to its high standard and because they provide the right practical skills required in the real world.

Address: 10775 N St Helen Rd, Roscommon, MI 48653
Phone: 989-275-6732

List of Programs:

  1. HVAC/R

Our Review of the Program

If you’re looking to make good money and are interested in learning problem-solving skills, pursuing an HVAC/R degree is a good idea. Kirtland Community College offers programs that will help you become a project manager, automated control specialist, installer, service, or field technician.

Each program takes about 12 months to complete. The programs are all fast-paced yet flexible to match everyone’s routine. The courses have easy hours, and you can enroll accordingly. In case of any assistance, the college has academic advisors whom you can contact for help in choosing the right direction. Everyone at the college is helpful and ready to guide you in everything.

What makes the college stand out is the quality of their equipment and the custom-designed labs. From day one, students will be familiarized with every type of machinery, and by the time they have graduated, they will be experts in their fields. Furthermore, they will learn many other miscellaneous skills, such as interpreting technical material, communicating well in oral and written formats, explaining the application of microprocessor technology, and a lot more.

There are a lot of benefits here at Kirtland Community College, and we believe there isn’t much else you could ask for!

HVAC Schools in Michigan Comparison Table

Here is a short summary of all the schools we have listed in the article. The names, addresses, contact, and list of programs of Michigan’s top HVAC schools have been concisely mentioned here for your ease.

  • Hands-on HVAC program
  • 24567 Northwestern Hwy, Southfield, MI 48075
  • 248-358-4006
LEARN MORE →Read Customer Reviews
  • Industrial Trades Certificate in HVAC-R, Associate in Applied Science: Industrial HVAC-R and Associate in Applied Science: Skilled Trades
  • 450 North Avenue Battle Creek, MI 49017
  • 269 965 3931
LEARN MORE →Read Customer Reviews
  • Buildings and Grounds
  • Westland, MI, 48185
  • 734-419-2100
LEARN MORE →Read Customer Reviews
  • HVAC training
  • 2907 East Court Street, Flint, MI, 48506
  • 810-265-8174
LEARN MORE →Read Customer Reviews
  • Building Maintenance with, Custodial Services, Carpentry and Building Construction, Green Building Construction, Heating and Cooling and Learning for the Future
  • 14701 Harper Ave, Detroit, MI 48224
  • 313-527-9740
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  • 9 Month Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration Technician Career Training Program
  • 2955 Haggerty Rd, Canton, MI 48188
  • 800-447-1310
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  • HVAC Systems Technician training program
  • 31799 John R Rd, Madison Heights, MI 48071
  • 888-422-1188
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  • HVAC-R
  • Lansing campus 3215; S. Pennsylvania Ave. Lansing, MI 48910
  • 517-318-3330
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  • Heat and Air Conditioning, AAS, Heat and Air Conditioning, CA and HVAC-R – Energy Management Engineering Technology, AAS
  • 409 N Washington Square, Lansing, MI
  • 800-644-4522
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  • HVAC/R
  • 10775 N St Helen Rd, Roscommon, MI 48653
  • 989-275-6732
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The growing HVAC market has a lot in store for you. We have helped you take the first step in your journey after thorough research. We hope that the top HVAC schools we have listed in Michigan will be useful for you. Being an HVAC technician is quite a decision, and we are positive to have guided you correctly.

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