Best HVAC Schools in Texas – 2021 Top Picks

Air regulation is the key to a comfortable environment for living and working, isn’t it? 

Most people acknowledge the need for air regulation, so they find the work of HVAC techs quite significant. This is why there is an increasing interest in the training of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning experts. 

Also, there are major training and certification requirements for this line of work. This is why there are many HVAC schools in Texas that offer world-class training. So, let’s have a look at the criteria for becoming an HVAC technician and the courses that help fulfill it. 

Requirements to Be an HVAC Technician in Texas

To be a credible HVAC technician in Texas, you need to have either a Class A or Class B license. Both of these ensure that a person is skilled enough to deal with HVAC equipment. There is a difference of only expertise in it. Here are the requirements to get either of these licenses to be a credible HVAC technician. 


You have to be at least 18 years old to apply for a license to become an HVAC technician. You should be a Texas citizen, but if you are from any other state, you need to check for the required procedure of licensing.


The applicants need to have an experience of four years working as an apprentice to a licensed HVAC expert. The apprenticeship should be done in the last six years. There are better job prospects if you have dealt with tricky HVAC equipment. 

License Type

There are two types of licenses in Texas: Class A and Class B. The Class A license does not have any size restrictions on the units that you can work with. But, Class B license limits you to 25 tons of cooling systems and 1.5 million BTUs/hour heating units. 

Certification Exams

After choosing the right license for you, you need to take the ACR contractors exam. Passing it helps you get better job offers as you will now have a license. 

Salary and Job Outlook in Texas

Texas has many promising job opportunities for HVAC technicians. There are many projects which need both expert and novice HVAC technicians. This is why people show more interest in this line of work now. Considering this, we have brought you an analysis of the job outlook and salary details here. 

Salary Details

The average annual salary of HVAC techs in Texas is $47,310. But, it varies based on the experience of experts and the nature of the project. It can be as high as $59,327, but more work hours and experience are required for that.

Job Outlook

Texas is the second-largest state by population and area both. This means that there is always an ongoing need for more commercial and residential buildings. This is why there is likely to be an increase in job opportunities for HVAC experts in Texas. 

Quick Take - Best HVAC Schools in Texas

Just looking for the top three schools in your area? Here are the best HVAC schools in Texas:

  1. Lincoln Tech 
  2. Southern Careers Institute
  3. Eastfield College

List of the Top HVAC Schools in Texas

Now that you know that having proper training is mandatory for being an efficient HVAC technician, you need to look for some amazing courses and schools to see which one suits you best. Keeping this in view, we have brought you our list of the top HVAC schools in Texas.

Best Overall:
Lincoln Tech

Address: 2915 Alouette Drive, Grand Prairie, TX 75052, United States.
Phone: 972-660-5701

List of Programs:

  1. Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, and Heating Technology

Our Review of the Program

This is one of the best programs out there, as it has an extensive course outline. It covers almost all of the practical aspects of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. This way, the graduates have a higher chance of getting contracts than other people.

As the mentors themselves have worked in the field for many years on end, they prepare the students better. There is a major focus on temperature control equipment, which is highly useful in the field. The grip on both temperature controls and safety tools is essential for trainees. So, the instructors lay more emphasis on working with them.

Moreover, this program has an elaborate course on basic refrigeration systems. This is something that HVAC technicians have difficulty with when they are on the worksite. So, having prior experience with refrigeration systems helps them in the long run.

Furthermore, this program covers green technology used in modern heating and cooling units. This is a particularly important aspect of this program, as many people in the industry have difficulty with green technology.

Lastly, the trainees get to work with energy-efficient ventilation units as well. So, this is a comprehensive HVAC program that imparts the right knowledge and skills to the students.

Best HVAC in San Antonio Texas:
Southern Careers Institute

Address: 1701 W Ben White Blvd. Suite 100 Austin, TX 78704
Phone: 1-833-SCI-TEXAS

List of Programs:

  1. HVAC Training Program

Our Review of the Program

We find this to be one of the best HVAC programs offered in San Antonio, Texas. It distinguishes itself with the preparation for a long list of certifications and exams. As there is a major part dealing with temperature controls, the students learn a lot about air regulation. The trainees do not only read about complex circuitry and working principles; rather, they have long lab hours to practice everything they need to be ready for the challenges of actual work.

Another great feature is that it covers both residential and commercial equipment used for air regulation. This broadens the horizon for graduates as they can land jobs in multiple kinds of projects. In addition, the troubleshooting of HVAC units is also a part of this program. It prepares the trainees to try to make units work with minor fixing when required.

Along with all this, EP regulation is discussed thoroughly in this program too. It helps the students understand all the legalities and the severity of consequences in case of any breach.

As it enables the graduates to work both with HVAC companies and as small businesses, it provides more chances of growth. Thus, choosing this course will turn out to be very useful for you.

Address: 3737 Motley Drive. Mesquite, TX 75150
Phone: 972-860-7100

List of Programs:

  1. Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC)

Our Review of the Program

This program has gained our approval due to its emphasis on hands-on learning. The instructors make sure that the students get to explore different dimensions of practical work needed in the industry.

The program offers a deep insight into how things work and how you can try out different installation techniques. This way, graduates are able to install air heating and cooling units just the way contractors want them to. This versatility of working further enhances your chances of getting competitive jobs on the market as well.

What impresses us the most about this program is that it stresses the importance of environmental protection. So, students get to learn how to install and repair air regulation units in a way that is pro-environment.

Furthermore, students have a high rate of gaining the license in the first attempt. The graduates also have a higher probability of securing jobs than other people. So, enrolling in this program will help you learn and practice things promptly.

Address: 6420 Richmond Ave #630, Houston, TX 77057, United States
Phone: +1 832-932-7897

List of Programs:

  1. HVAC Program

Our Review of the Program

The HVAC program by Houston Trade Training is another nice addition to our list. The mentors give due consideration to climate control equipment. This way, trainees have better skills when it comes to heating units and cooling systems. They are even able to work with dual-working air regulation systems.

The most striking feature of this program is the training in both mechanical and automatic air conditioning systems. This way, students are able to work on repairing old units as well as modern ones without any difficulty. HVAC maintenance is also a vital component of the coursework. It covers both the major repairing of systems as well as minor troubleshooting.

The gas furnace design and circuit diagrams in it help trainees develop a better understanding of heating units. This is particularly important for commercial buildings that have central heating systems. Practice with heat pumps and heating systems further improves the skills of trainees.

Copper wiring and soldering techniques are also essential courses of this program. They enable the students to have an easier installation of equipment as well. So, this is a worthy program with major safety considerations and all the required learning.

Address: 8711 Burnet Rd. Suite H-98. Austin, TX 78757
Phone: 512-371-0100

List of Programs:

  1. Residential and Commercial HVAC and Commercial Refrigeration
  2. Residential Heating and Air Conditioning Program

Our Review of the Program

The diverse nature of this program makes it stand out to us as the students get to modify it according to their preferences. This basically covers coursework of 720 hours, expanding over nine months. It renders more importance to refrigeration equipment that needs critical handling.

The students train in both residential and commercial refrigeration units. It provides them both the skills and the right certification to increase their credibility to contractors. Furthermore, the program comes with ACI's nationally accredited HVAC-R Technician Diploma. This diploma can be a nice addition to the resume when you apply for a new HVAC job.

In addition to refrigeration equipment, there is a great consideration of heating and cooling systems as well. The students learn to install, repair, and maintain all the latest systems too. So, there is no issue of understanding the complexities of modern technology.

Moreover, the instructors prepare the students for EPA licensing and other state exams as well. Thus, if you want to learn HVAC techniques and prepare for certification, too, then this program will be a great choice.

Address: 450 N Sam Houston Pkwy E #200, Houston, TX 77060, United States
Phone: +1 713-332-0062

List of Programs:

  1. Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration

Our Review of the Program

The HVAC program by Fortis is another competitive and learning-friendly program on our list. There is extensive training for effective installation and maintenance of air conditioning equipment.

The mentors instruct their students in computerized diagnostics, which helps in identifying the exact issues. This way, trainees can diagnose the issues without wasting any time on it.

Moreover, this program lays emphasis on gas heat units, and heat pumps present in commercial buildings. The students work with the complex units of today’s air regulation systems. So, they do not have to refer to anyone else when they are working on the latest technology.

The labs are well-equipped, and the students get to try out different techniques. This way, graduates can be better prepared for the practical work that they will get. Hence, go for this program if you want to be better trained for contracts that the market has to offer.

Address: 5800 Corporate Dr. Ste. C-2, Houston, TX 77036
Phone: 281-528-4066

List of Programs:

  1. Not mentioned

Our Review of the Program

This is a brief and highly technical program that enables students to take on HVAC tasks. The instructors take 12 weeks to walk students through the complexities of the HVAC work. This hardcore training makes them so practiced that they can diagnose and troubleshoot any issues within no time.

There is a major focus on communication skills, too, so graduates can negotiate terms of working better. Moreover, the instructors create real-world scenarios that help students in dealing with work pressures. This, along with a thorough understanding of heating and cooling systems, is an important feature of this program.

Furthermore, the students train in ventilation systems too, which are a major necessity of modern buildings. The students learn about complex circuitry and wiring techniques that are helpful for the installation of HVAC equipment.

The students are assigned many tasks that involve repairing HVAC units easily. So, this HVAC program is a great option for those who want a quick learning experience.

Address: 617 East Second Street, Irving, TX 75060
Phone: 972-579-8822

List of Programs:

  1. Not mentioned

Our Review of the Program

We have added this to our list because of the undivided attention that each student gets. There is a maximum of ten students in each class, which makes it easier for instructors and trainees to interact. This enables teachers to have a better look at the performance of students.

The program extends from basic circuit diagrams to the complex installation of modern air conditioning units. This provides students the information and practice of all of the possible techniques that they need to master.

There is a greater focus on refrigeration, as it is something tricky. The students get to handle refrigerating coolants and other equipment in a safe environment. This imparts both knowledge and confidence in them, so they find it easier to deal with challenges.

Moreover, the instructors describe the ventilation systems in detail for both commercial and residential buildings as the basic principle is the same for both, but there is a difference in installation.

So, it is better for HVAC trainees to have experience in dealing with both of these. In addition, there is proper preparation for licensing exams, so it surely helps the students in many dimensions.

HVAC Schools in Texas Comparison Table

Texas definitely has some of the best HVAC schools, doesn’t it? But which one to go for? You can decide it by comparing the basic information about them. This is why we have brought you this comparison table to help you compare major details at a glance. 

  • Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, and Heating Technology
  • 2915 Alouette Drive, Grand Prairie, TX 75052, United States
  • 972-660-5701
LEARN MORE →Read Customer Reviews
  • HVAC Training Program
  • 1701 W Ben White Blvd. Suite 100 Austin, TX 78704
  • 833-SCI-TEXAS
LEARN MORE →Read Customer Reviews
  • Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC)
  • 3737 Motley Drive. Mesquite, TX 75150
  • 972-860-7100
LEARN MORE →Read Customer Reviews
  • HVAC Program
  • 6420 Richmond Ave #630, Houston, TX 77057, United States
  • 832-932-7897
LEARN MORE →Read Customer Reviews
  • Residential and Commercial HVAC and Commercial Refrigeration and Residential Heating and Air Conditioning Program
  • 8711 Burnet Rd. Suite H-98. Austin, TX 78757
  • 512-371-0100
LEARN MORE →Read Customer Reviews
  • Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration
  • 450 N Sam Houston Pkwy E #200, Houston, TX 77060, United States
  • 713-332-0062
LEARN MORE →Read Customer Reviews
  • Not mentioned
  • 5800 Corporate Dr. Ste. C-2, Houston, TX 77036
  • 281-528-4066
LEARN MORE →Read Customer Reviews
  • Not mentioned
  • 617 East Second Street, Irving, TX 75060
  • 972-579-8822
LEARN MORE →Read Customer Reviews


Wrapping it all up, Texas has some of the most advanced HVAC schools with highly skilled mentors. There is a rapid increase in commercial and residential construction in Texas, like other states. As a result, HVAC experts are sure to get more opportunities here. So, if you are interested in HVAC as well, go ahead and enroll yourself in one of these schools for better prospects. 

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