Best HVAC Schools in Dallas – 2021 Guide

| Last Updated: October 20, 2021
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Over the past few years, the demand for trained HVAC technicians has risen, especially in Dallas, Texas, and according to the stats presented by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, it will continue to rise by 21% by 2024. 

This poses a lucrative opportunity for you if you wish to apply as an HVAC engineer and technician. Here, you can expect to get decently-paid jobs with high chances of salary increment, fringe benefits, and good working hours.  

The only thing between you and your HVAC license is proper training and hands-on experience, after which you will be able to initiate your HVAC career. 

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How Long is HVAC School?  

To get your licensure, you need to fulfill some requirements that include relevant preconditioned certifications and professional qualifications. To help you with your journey, we have listed them down below;

Academic Qualifications 

This is the first step to start with your HVAC journey. A diploma course certification can allow you multiple opportunities to get into various fields related to electronics. 


Once you are through with your training, the next step can either be getting an ACR certification examination or working as a technician. The former is the better option as it has more potential for employment in the long run and allows you to go for higher learning levels in the field of HVAC. 


Upon completing training, you are at liberty of applying as a licensed ACR technician. Dallas offers two licenses for HVAC, Class A, and Class B. The former allows you to get employed on units of any size, while the latter gives you the freedom to work on bigger cooling systems of less than 25 tons. It is important to remember that to sit for the Texas HVAC license exam, you must be 18 years old at least and have proof of 36 months of experience.

Quick Take - Best HVAC Schools in Dallas

Just looking for the top 3 schools in your area? Here are the best HVAC schools in Dallas:

  1. Lincoln Tech
  2. Dallas College
  3. Remington College

List of the Top HVAC Schools in Dallas

To help you make a more informed decision, this guide lays out the specifics of some of the best HVAC schools in Dallas, reviewing them in terms of their programs and other facilities offered to set you on a path to become a good HVAC technician.

Search HVACR Certified Technician Programs

Get information on HVACR Certified Technician programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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Address: 2915 Alouette Drive, Grand Prairie, TX 75052
Phone: 1-972-660-5701

List of Programs:

  1. Electricity
  2. Warm air heating
  3. Air conditioning systems
  4. Basic refrigeration systems
  5. Commercial refrigeration design
  6. Commercial refrigeration control
  7. Air conditioning design and layout
  8. Introduction to climate control systems
  9. Energy efficiency and green technology systems

Our Review of the Program

Set out to shape and contribute to the nation’s workforce, Lincoln Tech's target is to make sure that they offer a supportive and accessible training environment to make sure it is a transformative event in their students' lives.

They also emphasize a lot of community work while making sure that the students are on their way to outstanding career opportunities by partnering up with the best contractors for internships and long-term job opportunities. They do this by matching your skills with contractors' ongoing demands, so you don’t have to skim through your potential employers and just directly get in touch with a suitable company.

Their faculty is known to be top of the line and super professional, making sure that the students remain motivated, taking into account their skill sets, goals, and ambitions. Their care for the students extends onto the resources that are made available to the campus.

The campus is also devoted to manufacturer-specific training, which is in alignment with one of the world’s top makers of commercial refrigeration equipment. It also has more than 60 individual welding booths so that students don’t feel cramped up in a space and are free to utilize their workplace of choice.

Address: 1601 S. Lamar St., Dallas, TX 75215
Phone: 1-214-378-1500

List of Programs:

  1. Electrical Technology
  2. Refrigeration Principles
  3. Basic Electricity for HVAC
  4. Air Conditioning Control Principles
  5. Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technology

Our Review of the Program

The aim of Dallas College has always been for the student to find and reinvent themselves into something better. It features more than 100 majors to help you get off with your career. A great thing about this school is how much they care about the well-being of their students. With the availability of counselors on campus and online, students have lower chances of getting burnt out or stressed about work.

They also have a proper system for when the students are facing trouble with their classwork. Similarly, when they are not feeling up to the mark, they are free to contact the health services on campus. The program consists of extra-curricular activities that have to do with culture, service learning, and participation in different clubs. The program is also open to people with special needs and has a health service system that offers a care team for people who might be under any kind of stress.

Address: 1800 Eastgate Drive, Garland, TX 75041
Phone: 1-800-208-1950

List of Programs:

  1. HVAC Automated Controls
  2. Commercial HVAC Systems
  3. Motors and Motor Control
  4. Fundamental HVAC Maintenance
  5. Commercial Refrigeration Systems
  6. Domestic Appliances and Cold Water AC

Our Review of the Program

Apart from helping students achieve success in HVAC degree and diploma programs, Remington is also quite well-known for being super approachable, thanks to its faculty and community-like environment. If you are someone for whom formal learning environments can get too intimidating, this might be the right choice for you.

The faculty is trained to focus on every individual rather than simply passing on information to a larger mass. They are also believers in hands-on participation in activities and creative ways of learning. This method has proven successful in achieving various chances to understand and practice your learned skills. In the long run, these will help you gain confidence in your jobs and interviews.

The campus has spacious classrooms and industry-standard equipment. Every student is guaranteed attention due to the small student-to-instructor ratios. They are also kept motivated through awards ceremonies and other forms of celebrations while helping you realize your potential. This is important because many times, people wish to learn, but they don’t know where to start.

As an accredited institution, Remington College has pushed beyond every student's capabilities to offer a more diverse and challenging way of thinking. Last but not least, they also grant loans and grants such as Federal Pell Grants, Federal Direct Plus loans, Federal Direct subsidized and unsubsidized loans, and veteran’s benefits.

Address: 400 E Airport Freeway, Irving, TX 75062
Phone: 1-214-333-9711

List of Programs:

  1. Heat Pumps
  2. Heating Systems
  3. Comfort and Psychometrics
  4. Advanced Troubleshooting and Service
  5. Commercial Air Conditioning and Refrigeration

Our Review of the Program

Encouraging students to live and think big, the Aviation Institute of Management is the perfect example of a place where your constraints and dreams come together to make the most out of your reality. Its location also speaks of a city that has been born out of a fantasy. Students get to experience a culinary scene, leading arts district, professional sports, trendy entertainment districts, and endless shopping opportunities.

Apart from the knowledge of tools, their uses, and repair, students are taught about the customer and personal services. Regarding building and construction, students get to learn about materials and methods. Electronic skills dealing with circuit boards and computer hardware are also taught.

The space for learning is a restored red brick warehouse, transformed into a workshop and eatery, giving a completely different and interesting outlook on education. Students have reported having received lots of hands-on training here, which helped them with their jobs later on. The faculty is also always willing to help the students with their shortcomings.

The overall work and study culture has also been reported to be welcoming and efficient, and there is a lot of diversity in terms of people, so it is a pretty inclusive environment. Thanks to the more informal learning environment here, students have found it very easy to approach the staff and sort out their academic issues.

Address: 2241 S Watson Rd Suite 181, Arlington, TX 76010
Phone: 1-866-411-1586

List of Programs:

  1. Heating
  2. Furnace Repair
  3. Air Conditioning
  4. Interpretation Skills
  5. Technical Customer Service

Our Review of the Program

Providing the opportunity to become a part of the growing HVAC workforce, Edge Tech Academy’s vocational training programs are tailored to put you for the required knowledge and skills. Having the most top-notch instructors in the industry, you really cannot go through with this. What makes it so special is that it offers students the chance to have their setup after graduation. Plus, it can help prepare you for the modern HVAC-related challenges today while polishing the basic skill requirements. 

The best thing about this is their timings. Their flexible schedules are made to suit even working students so that they can make the best out of this experience without getting overwhelmed due to a tough schedule

Their programs are known to be a combination of evoking lectures and hands-on training experiences. Combined, they give the perfect outlook to any candidate of how the real world is. This way, students also get to develop their skills at a faster pace. 

HVAC Schools in Dallas Comparison Table

  • A scholarship award for school leavers
  • A wide range of courses in many different career options
  • Get jobs at top employers after qualification
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  • Counselors available for stressed out students
  • A health service department for those who get ill
  • Career advisors will help to find a job
Learn More →Read Customer Reviews
  • A very long list of courses to choose from
  • A variety of degrees and diplomas for further education
  • Federal financial aids available for qualifiers
Learn More →Read Customer Reviews
  • Very high standards of training for technicians
  • Many campuses to choose from around the country
  • Advanced campus facilities at your disposal
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  • High impact technology and trade training programs
  • Aid to easily connect with potential employers
  • Get student financial aid with a quick application
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How Much Does HVAC School Cost?

HVAC schools in Dallas are a promising investment to make career-wise. The most important factor to consider while applying for admission is the cost. All HVAC schools have different price ranges, as various factors determine the overall cost. Normally they will cost you between $1,200 and $15,000, depending on what the program offers as a whole. 

Some factors that affect the cost include:


Some programs may cost more than others because their overall cost includes the EPA examination fees and a tool kit. For example, an associate’s degree in HVAC can cost between $15,000 and $35,000. 

Duration of Training

Some programs are short, lasting about only six to twelve months, and cost a bit more at the benefit of you getting to join the workforce faster. Other options such as an associate’s degree can take about two years, but you can earn money while in training. 

Work Opportunities 

Programs with flexible schedules may make it possible for you to work while in school. For example, some schools offer daytime and evening classes for convenience. Shorter certificate programs allow you to complete your training and begin at an entry-level job more quickly.

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Certification Cost

Finally, at the end of any program, you will require certification to get your license to work. The cost of the certificate depends on its type, study materials, and testing site. You can get a license from the local state board of contractors in Texas if you work on privately-funded projects worth about $100,000. Apart from this, the commercial licenses cost $200, and residential licenses cost $50.

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What Makes Dallas a Great Place to Start an HVAC Career? 

Pursuing an HVAC career in Dallas can bring about a lot of benefits, such as the ease of licensure and promising prospects. The state of Texas is known to pay a lot more for HVAC professions than any other state. The city is known to be great for starting your HVAC career for the following reasons:

Short Training Time

Careers related to heating and ventilation technical services call for a minimal amount of training. If you go for a proper degree, it can take a minimum of four years for completion in which the student has to appear for exams, quizzes, and vivas after intervals. However, in Dallas, HVAC schools offer short-term programs that can be completed in the duration of six months to two years. The latter is suitable for people who do not have the resources to invest in an extensive bachelor program but still want to secure a stable career for themselves. 

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Quick Updates on Availability of New Equipment

When you opt for an HVAC program, you will be taught all the basics along with the recent innovations in terms of methods and equipment in the field of HVAC. For example, students learn about the maintenance of routine units, troubleshooting issues and problems, and how to repair and replace defunct parts.

Speedy Career Growth

As per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average job growth in the HVAC sector will increase by four percent by 2029, which means that the demand for HVAC projects will be constant, bringing about stability for those who have HVAC as a full-time career. Texas is among the few states that have the most number of employment opportunities for HVAC technicians. 

Active Nature of Work

People who are used to doing installations, maintenance, and repairs of equipment regularly are used to most circumstances that life throws at them. The good thing about Texas is that it is usually hot and humid, which means your services will be in high demand. And if you are an HVAC technician, you have the liberty to work indoors as well as outdoors and be on various job sites. 

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Job Outlook and Salary For HVAC Techs in Dallas

With the growing rate of technological advancement, the demand for HVAC technicians has also risen. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, currently, 376,800 people are employed as HVAC technicians throughout the country. The average salary of an HVAC technician in Dallas on an annual basis, depending on their experience, is as follows: 

Entry Level: $62,939

Mid-Level: $72,912

Master-Level: $82,805

The amount of salary is dependent on various factors, such as certifications, education, previous experience (if any), and additional skills. The average salary for technicians with less than a year of experience is $23.00 per hour, while technicians with more than ten years of experience can earn as much as $33.62 per hour. 

As per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average job growth of around four percent is predicted in all other sectors, while the growth expectancy for the HVAC sector is 15 to 16% by 2029. Some highlighted HVAC projects that are sure to have a lot of incoming demand are the following; 

  • Installation of appliances in newly constructed houses

  • Enhancement of energy efficiency by upgrading and retrofitting systems

  • Replacement of older equipment with a new one

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The benefits of pursuing an HVAC career in Dallas, TX, are endless because things such as AC, heating, and ventilation will always be in demand. As an HVAC technician, you will get to serve the society in a couple of ways, no matter the weather. This means an employed status, along with good fringe benefits, is guaranteed. The key to getting all this is enrolling yourself in the right school, which is where we come in. Make sure to thoroughly check out the schools we have reviewed above and the program you are most interested in before making a choice!


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