How To Get Your Ohio HVAC License – 2021 Guide

| Last Updated: October 20, 2021
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Ohio’s humid, subtropical climate with snowy winters and hot, humid summers puts HVAC systems in high demand. If you live in Ohio and are looking for a lucrative career, a job in HVAC could be a great choice. 

There are certain requirements if you want to become an HVAC tech. Below, we provide information on how to get an HVAC license in Ohio to get you on your way.

How to Become an HVAC Technician in Ohio

The Ohio Department of Commerce is the governing body that sets requirements for individuals who wish to get an Ohio HVAC license. If you want to pursue your career as an HVAC technician, you can opt for different ways. 

You can either enroll in a college degree, or you can join an HVAC apprenticeship program. Be mindful that you will have to work as an HVAC tech for five years before you can appear in the exams. However, if you have already become an HVAC engineer, you’ll need only three years of work experience. 

Once you have passed the examination, you’ll then be able to receive your HVAC license after your documents are screened.

How to Get an HVAC License in Ohio

Ohio is one of those states that have fewer checkpoints to get employed as compared to other states. However, fulfilling the basic requirements to work as an HVAC Technician is equally important.

Basic Requirements

Here are some basic requirements that you must satisfy to work as an HVAC Technician in Ohio.

  • Having a degree that is viable in the field of HVAC

  • Should have an apprenticeship that requires at least 2000 hours of on-the-job training

  • Must hold the EPA section 608 certification

  • The individual must be 18 years or older

  • Proof of being a U.S citizen or legal immigrant

  • Possess at least $500,000 of liability coverage

  • Pass the licensing examination

Moreover, you can get your valid HVAC license from the Ohio Construction Industry Licensing Board once all the requirements are fulfilled.

Ohio HVAC License Exam Preparation

The state of Ohio requires you to pass the Ohio HVAC Contractor exam before you get your license. PSI Exams effectively conduct these exams. 

To pass the contractor exam, you must be fully prepared and should possess all the necessary knowledge. There are online practice tests available that prepare you for the exams before you sit in an actual one.

What Books For the Ohio HVAC Contractor Exam?

There are no specific books that you are supposed to prepare for your examination. However, you can get yourself enrolled in online programs or study-related books from the exam store.

How Hard is the Ohio HVAC License Test?

The test itself is not quite difficult as you would expect. If you have studied well and given ample time to acquire the necessary knowledge, it’s a walk in the park.

Where Can I Take a Certification Test For HVAC in Ohio?

You can take a certification test for HVAC by enrolling in a trade school or program in Ohio. You can also take the certification test online.

Where to Find Ohio HVAC License Practice Test?

You can find the Ohio HVAC License practice test online. These tests are designed to prepare you for the actual examination.

What is on the Ohio HVAC License Exam?

The Ohio HVAC License exam is a lengthy open-book exam that must be completed within the allocated 240 minutes. It tests your knowledge of not only building codes and HVAC theory but also of repair and installation of HVAC systems.

Search HVACR Certified Technician Programs

Get information on HVACR Certified Technician programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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What Makes Ohio a Great Place to Start an HVAC Career?

Starting an HVAC career in Ohio is a dream-come-true for many people. It has been anticipated as the perfect place for HVAC technicians or contractors. Ohio promises you not only great prospects but also minimal hurdles. 

Here are some reasons that make Ohio a great place to start an HVAC career.

Highly Rated State

The national listing for the best places to start your HVAC career ranks Ohio second in the list. This is because of the absence of demanding requirements and procedures that you need to go through as an HVAC technician. With fewer requirements, you are most likely to get employed. 

Moreover, you don’t need any state-level licensing to work here. Also, there are many job opportunities that you can find here, as HVAC is a rapidly-growing industry.


You can enjoy many paybacks as an HVAC technician in Ohio. The state promises various benefits that are promised as compensation for your services. These include not only higher pay scales but also other non-financial benefits. Fuel discounts, paid holidays, disability insurance, time off, and 401k retirement plans are some of the promised benefits.

High Demand

HVAC is a rapidly-growing industry. With the advent of modern technology, the need for HVAC technicians has been on the rise. Ohio provides the perfect platform for people looking for stability in their careers. Since everyone needs heating or cooling systems, the demand for HVAC professionals keeps increasing. 

Job Outlook and Salary For HVAC in Ohio

Ohio is a promising state when it comes to pursuing an HVAC career. With an ever-increasing demand for HVAC experts, new job opportunities are always emerging. The salary packages are also quite handsome and comparatively higher than what you get in other states.

How Much Do HVAC Techs Make a Year In Ohio?

HVAC technicians can make some good money in Ohio. With higher pay scales and numerous benefits, you can expect a comfortable life. According to some estimates, the average annual income for an HVAC technician in Ohio ranges between $19,133 and $81,664. This is quite great, knowing the fact that it increases with expertise, education, and experience.


Entry-level HVAC technicians can earn a decent amount of money while working in Ohio. With just up to one year of experience, you can expect an average income of $26,599 to $36,398 annually. The annual median income is thus calculated to be $32,996.


For mid-level HVAC technicians, the pay scales are better as compared to entry-level technicians. With two to five years of experience, you can earn around $32,665 to $52,264 per year.


Senior or master-level HVAC technicians are the highest-paid due to their expertise and prior work experience. If you have been working as an HVAC professional for more than five years, you can expect an average salary of $33,132 to $59,264 per annum.

Insurance and Tax Information For HVAC Techs in Ohio

The Ohio Department of Taxation is the governing body that regulates tax information for HVAC technicians in Ohio. Working in the HVAC industry requires you to pay sales tax as per the law of the state.

If you are a licensed HVAC professional, you can benefit from insurance policies offered by the state. The HVAC Technician Insurance helps you protect your business from multiple risks. These include injuries or property damage that can lead to financial losses.

Ohio Cities With Highest Average HVAC Salaries

Ohio houses several states that are among the most highly paying when it comes to HVAC careers. HVAC technicians or contractors can earn loads of money while working in these cities. These cities offer more job opportunities as well. The highest-paying cities in the state are:


Columbus is the leading city of Ohio when it comes to the highest average HVAC salaries. Here, you can earn as much as $45,220 to $66,480 per year as an HVAC professional.


Cleveland is second on our list, with the highest average HVAC salaries. Here, you can expect an average annual income of $46,070 to $70,920.


Cincinnati also promises attractive salary packages for people pursuing an HVAC career. With an average annual income of $50,470 to $67,540, it is another great city to work as an HVAC professional.


The average yearly income of an HVAC technician in Toledo ranges from $40,850 to $68,570. This wage rate is far more than what other states have in offer.


Akron is the last in our list of cities with the highest average HVAC salaries. It has a medium-level pay scale that offers yearly salaries ranging from $42,010 to $58,040.

People Also Ask

The discussion above includes all the important information that you need to get your HVAC license in Ohio. However, there might still be ambiguities. For that, we have compiled a list of some commonly asked questions.

How Much Does it Cost For HVAC School in Ohio? 

The tuition costs for studying at an HVAC school in Ohio can vary. Many HVAC schools in Ohio offer great opportunities to learn with their skilled faculty.

However, the tuition cost is influenced by factors like reputation and the type of school you attend. Typically, the tuition costs can range between $1200 and $15000.

What is the Demand For HVAC Technicians in Ohio?

The HVAC industry is growing at a rapid pace. With modern technology, the need for modern equipment like heating and cooling systems is on the rise. As a result, there is an increasing demand for HVAC technicians in all states, including Ohio. It is expected that the HVAC job market would increase by 14.9 percent from 2014-2024 in Ohio.

Do You Need an HVAC License in Ohio?

Ohio is one of those states that have fewer requirements to fulfill to get employed as an HVAC professional. You don’t need an HVAC license to work on residential properties. However, you’ll require an HVAC license from the Ohio Construction Industry Licensing Board for working in the commercial sector.

What Does Ohio HVAC License Allow You to Do?

The Ohio HVAC license is a necessity if you wish to work as an HVAC professional in the commercial sector. As a licensed HVAC Technician, you can repair and install heating and cooling systems. You will also be able to provide maintenance services and monitoring of specialized equipment such as the use of hazardous refrigerants.

Where to Get HVAC Training in Columbus, Ohio?

Before stepping into the industry, candidates pursuing an HVAC career are given the required knowledge and training. This training is often provided by HVAC schools that have the resources, programs, and faculty to train you adequately. Institutes like Columbus State Community College and Fortis are among the most-reputable HVAC schools in Columbus.

Where to Go For Ohio HVAC License Continuing Education?

The Ohio Construction Industry Licensing Board is a regulatory authority that offers you an HVAC license once the requirements are fulfilled. As an HVAC contractor, you must complete eight or 24 hours of continuing education before each renewal. Continuing education can be taken through a self-paced online format or live webinars.

Nearby HVAC Schools

Here are some HVAC schools in nearby states:


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